Why India Shows Slow Progress?

It may sound back dated, hilarious, unimaginable, superstitious  – the logic that I am going to present – but here is it.

Every country has its personal astral chart. Yea, horoscope I mean. Like you and me – we have our destinies chalked out according to our karmas – the planets get aligned according to our karmas – we need to negate our negatives karmas and work on more positive karmas. We have been accumulating these karmas since eons…(soul never dies kinda stuff) ….and we ourselves at our Higher levels decide what we as individuals (as earthlings) have to go through to merge back to the divinity we all emanated from.


India as a nation will also grow as its people will grow – people living in India – maybe Chinese, Japanese – does not matter – you live in India – you are a cell living in the body called India.

India is supposed to bring about spiritual upliftment to the whole world. That she will eventually no doubt. Right now we still are taking revenge – also remember ‘forgiveness’ that every spiritual preacher has taught about – is the most difficult task! So souls who are departing from earth are full of vengeance and the accumulated karmas again bring back souls full of vengeance.

For example: several betrayals, traitors, injustice and millions of other negative emotions are still in the sub-conscious – in the ethers as they say – right now we all are just fighting that out!

Being the spiritual hub of world – many negative forces act on full swing to keep it doused ..lest, if the pure spirit awakens, in a jiffy all the wrong will scorch to death! Eg. Shri Krisha as an infant was attacked by several demons – because it was known to the demon world too that all the wastefulness will come to an end once Krishna grows up. See how Krishna counseled Arjuna in the Bhagvad Geeta to annihilate those kingdoms who were supporting Kauravas. All died. Take it as history, mythology whatever. Jist is ‘Satyamev Jayate’- Truth Will triumph – no matter what!

Well the truth about India is the same too – we have seen/witnessed/experienced many upheavals – one of the reasons being that the ‘spiritual’ sprout is planted in India!

Another example – Maharashtra – Shree Ganesha’s land –where the spiritual activity is supposed to germinate from – displays maximum wastefulness and debauchery and immoral lifestyles – why? Same reason – the negative realms know very well the importance of that state in India!

I don’t know whether I could explain it well or not – maybe not. But anyways I tried my best!

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