Draupadi – Born of Fire – To scorch the inhabitants of the era.

Draupadi – Born of Fire

To scorch the inhabitants of the era.

Often I have heard things from – esp. Game Girls – the fact that queen Draupadi was wife to 5 husbands – like she had multiple life-partners …so where is the harm if they too enjoy life with multiple partners?

This is a subtle reminder of what else did Draupadi go through..apart from having 5 men to herself :

  1. Public humiliation – the fact that she was pulled by her hair all the way to the courtroom itself was humiliating.
  2. Abusive words uttered by Kaurav brothers before they started pulling her clothes.
  3. Insulting words for her husband(s) – the fact that all were seated as helpless dolts!
  4. All her husbands – who were supposedly very high and mighty – failed to save her modesty (it was only the intervention of God that stopped the ultimate insult!)
  5. Being a queen she was sent away to the forests for 14 long years where she had to cook, wash and do all other menial jobs – all by herself – no maids accompanied her while they were exiled.
  6. All her sons were killed in the war of Kurukshetra – by mistake!(like they targeted her husbands but her sons got killed instead!)

So gurlz…those who think that having ‘multiple partners on bed’ is a great thing to happen and ask as to why are they stopped from ‘hopping-skipping-jumping around’ when Queen Draupadi was allowed to have…indulge in polygamy…must definitely read the above and be ready to face all the consequences as well. Because you see, the incarnation who is still being worshipped by all of us…was physically present with them in that era….still He did not stop all this from happening.

You have to pay for your karmas. That is final and binding.

Now it depends totally on you as to how you want to lead your life – be a part and parcel of the society…or be a rebel and create complete pandemonium!

Think about it.


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