Shuddh Desi Romance – a review

The film in discussion here::
Hindi film – Shuddh Desi Romance

Honestly folks, I sincerely hope that this film never gets dubbed in any other foreign language – it is too embarrassing for Indians that such an utterly disgraceful concept has been addressed as shuddh (pure), desi (national) romance!!

They could have named it Basti or slum dweller romance..maybe then it would have been acceptable!

Know the story line given in the picture –

shows a shameless female in live-in relationship with just anyone…or everyone – whoever catches her fancy!

Stays away from parents (only father, mother is not mentioned) so that they do not interfere with her choice of lifestyle – you know – beeping with whoever catches her fancy!

Gets pregnant by some male and expects him to marry her!! – the guy obviously had no intentions of raising children with an easily available ‘hump’ partner – you see males understand what exactly to look for in a ‘wife’ material. Obviously a female who readily agrees to sleep out of wedlock is a female who cannot make a good Mother figure…she will be least bothered about the child and more bothered about her figure and will always be on the look out for newer ‘S*x’ partners!!

This came to her as a shock and she tries to commit suicide – but somehow survives….! Does that mean she tries to mend her ways? Nope!! She finds yet another loser for herself to sleep with and lives on…..

This has been referred to as ‘PURE-National-Romance’ concept of India!!

Nonsense – Dear foreigners, we are not at all so cheap and available – please do not get misled by such stupid ideas. Unfortunately a lot of money has got stuck in the hands of absolute ‘BEEPS’ – so they spend money in making crap films!!


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