Who is the bold and the beautiful in our current world?

Definition of Bold & Beautiful, Woman of substance et aliae

Esp. By Advt. & Film world

A short Story:

Director: You have to wear your pallu in such a way that your left breast is completely exposed.

Female X: No! I won’t!

Director: But you have to! The scene demands it.

Female X : I will not, not, not!

Director: Damn it! What do you want to do then?

Female X: I will expose the right breast!

Director: Ok! As you wish!

Later….in Media ,filmy news channels, film magazines –

Female X is a very headstrong & aggressive woman – just the right kind for this cut throat competitive world. She fought with he Director on the film set…something which many won’t do in this highly competitive world where females are ready to undress at the bat of an eye! Truly a woman of substance – we salute her!

Reading thusly, many females ..irrespective of caste, creed and religion – started behaving like the bold and beautiful female as described in the film magazine! We now have ‘women of substance’ in such abundance…that we are failing to understand how exactly to make good use of them…!!


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